What Brings Us Home?

Some time alone every day and a little silence goes a long way. Clear the clutter…it will free your mind and facilitate you to grow more virtuous. Absolve all, love all. Resound this frequency over and over within. Soon it will resonate in others. Soon it will create wonders. Even though icicles hang from our rooftop, I can’t help but think of the ocean with that cobalt night sky…must be the reflection from the blanket of snow enveloping our surroundings. While I prefer a scenery with not-such-extreme temperatures, especially when they verge into the teens, it’s still a peacefully beautiful one. A reminder to take notice of my breath. I’ll create my own ocean by inhaling and exhaling like rolling waves washing up the shore and returning toward the horizon. Don’t forget your breathing during this time of reflection…it’s pivotal to coming home.

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