Expect Magic

The deeper we plunge into winter, the more I look forward to the light because it exposes the shadows of the past that haunts our spirit. We’ve been hibernating for a while alongside murky trails, but the frozen tracks will soften as the rays beam brilliantly until the water evaporates and we see what all was there along without some else’s filter. Touch the soil, remember what if feels like and see it for yourself. I am ready to resume seeing what really is and being who I authentically am. Make a wish and expect magic…

2 thoughts on “Expect Magic

  1. How wonderful to hear Debra. It took me almost half a century to unlock life’s mystery. So grateful for recent events that have me thinking more critically, allowing me to be more discernful and realizing the power we really do have to create our reality. Dream big my friend and wishing you much abundance!


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