No Words

You say my name so clearly, without even speaking. I hear you calling when I enter my heart. I don’t have a whole lot of words to exchange lately. It seems futile with most these days. How can you describe the circumstance we have permitted ourselves to exist in with text? Ancient souls don’t require human language. It’s starts with the heart, look inside and awaken. When you surrender to all and are rooted in trust and oneness, you are left with only your authentic self. This expression radiates to every sentient around…it’s undeniable. I hiked up the hill shadowing my snow-loving bear and plunged into this serene frequency…a caption of a brilliant prose. No words, a couple of students en repose, all heart and a whole lot of tenderness here. It feels like the beginning of a new way of communicating. Anyone else noticing the vanishing of words?

2 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Every year I seem to have a word that lingers, and I decide its “my” word for the year. This January, my word appeared. It’s “silence.” It holds great meaning for me. I enjoyed your personal expression, as well, Cristina. Namaste.

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    • Yes, silence resonates with me as well Debra. I feel a heaviness and a whole lot of resistance and silence seems to cut through it. I’m grateful for your kind words. Namaste 🙏


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