What’s Next?

Because never forget seems to be forgotten. As if that isn’t disheartening enough, some argue that we are in the midst of a modern-day man-made sixth extinction (perhaps more than halfway there) on Earth. We may not only witness the demise of our own species but of the loss of perhaps 90-95% of life on Earth…microbiomes, macro flora and fauna. wtf this is getting to the point of no return. It’s a finish line I don’t wish to cross yet. What I wonder is why all this effort to accelerate the process of our destruction or possibly redirecting it, because prophecies of modifying genetic coding is essentially recreating something new. What also has me brooding is why our “junk dna” even exists. Remember the logic for removing a compromised spleen? “Oh you really don’t need it anyways,” even though it’s part of the body’s lymphatic system which helps remove cellular waste, maintain fluid balance, and make and activate infection-fighting white blood cells for the immune system. It’s also responsible for making substances that play an important role in inflammation and healing. Turns out non-protein-coding DNA can evolve into functional ones. Why would that be so pressing now if we have two, possibly one lonely threshold to cross until the end? I’d gather that it must be an astonishingly beguiling event. Are you as curious as me? Will we sell ourselves short, yet again? My answer to what’s next if you were wondering is to learn without fear because as the process has historically demonstrated, the evolution is all the wiser to not waste these valuable and integral components of eukaryotic genomes. Some scientists believe that the greatest transition of life in the history of Earth is the evolution of eukaryotic cellular life forms from more primitive prokaryotes. Hmm…why are clochards meddling with a system that not only harmoniously functions the way it was originally designed, and resourcefully adapts to the shifting atmosphere?

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