Golden Reserves

I shot this photo a couple months ago. And now that the next season has made herself crystal clear with today feeling like a hazy summer day, I’m placing it into this square now to cool off a bit. Another day of sunshine in the forecast for mañana…I can’t contain myself. It lifts the spirit in this state of suspension we find ourselves in. The light we express in our bodies is beginning to dim. What will it take to light us up again? Other life forms manifest this so gracefully at this juncture in their life cycle. These dried up pom poms and bare-naked branches make their intentions visibly as mercury rises and they rebirth into their supple beings once again. Why can’t we feel it? It’s a little hard to go wrong when golden light immerses within you. If we only devoted a bit of reverence to the golden orb, if we granted ourselves the respect and love we deserve, oh the reserves we would accrue. So much to resolve…we have our work cut out for us, but that golden globe certainly feels like home. A little injection of sunshine is what I welcome every which way. I decline any other dose backed solely by faith, but apparently humanity is not prepared for greatness just yet.

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