Breaking the Spell

At times, a couple of days is all it takes for the spell to break. Some kind of sacred geometry of chance like the initial domino that falls into place, that jolts the wave and knocks down all others along the way. Leaves and blooms synchronously burst from every branch among the conclave of trees outside our windows like a game of never-ending tag. They have quite the task between now and some point in October. I thank them daily for their undertaking of providing us with another day’s supply of oxygen for myself, my familia and all living critters in our shared domain. I also thank them for these inspirational moments to see that our energy field is as powerful. Being the whopping brain critters that we are, we can’t afford to squander our opportunity to increase awareness and influence a new energy field. Every thought we manifest, we create a frequency. Everything we consent to or not consent to creates our reality. There’s a lot of photon energy out there and no one to blame but ourselves if we misuse our whopping responsibility to create. Just as we witness the abundance of life sprouting in nature at this time, we too can awaken our life force from within. Unless of course we continue in our hypnotic trance and remain so frozen in fear that the first domino won’t tumble.

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