Be Curious

We’re living in dense times of wild lies. For decades I mostly ignored the inversions then suddenly last Spring, they could no longer be disregarded. It was well past time to identify the deceit but not dwell on the problem and in the process, I discovered that even though things seem unsurmountable I’m not falling for the decoy. Instead, I’m taking the time we have now to manifest a new planet. She has unfurled just as she should have, how about us…have we allowed ourselves to expand and create, to love and to grow an organic garden of life within us? Walk into the woods and listen to the magic whispers of longstanding trees. Be curious…mother nature is welcoming us with open arms and our beauty solutions are embarrassingly easy yet our time is running short with merely two generations of soil left to consume the life-giving carbon and provide a semblance of nutrients. We gotta figure out this beauty thing within us.

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