Weekend Stuff

I don’t know if people realize how much strength it takes to pull yourself out of a place you’ve been stuck in. The process is an uncomfortable commitment especially when deliberate traps were set to keep you secluded, invalidated and in the dark. But I broke through and I’m grateful for it. And still as I gaze around, a descry of striking resemblance surrounds me. In the words of Richard Ashcroft, Verve’s lead singer “I’m a million different people from one day to the next.” How many of us are heedlessly ambling along in mourning from loss of confidence and of knowing preventing us from shifting and growing? Ashcroft’s lyrics take an ideological stance against the shrewdly designed system, however, how do we transform this into concrete action of what lies at the center of our impasse? Are you managing your life experiences or is this powerful responsibility in the hands of another? Now is the time to know you are worthy—it’s a tremendous honor. Give yourself some time in the middle of your weekend stuff to do yourself the great honor “because it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life.”

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