Not So Macabre Afternoon

Despite the enthusiasm for Halloween horror or kitsch by my youngest Halloween enthusiast, we kept our surfaces simple and bright. Our sugar pumpkins will most likely stick around for some time until I’m pressured to swarm the nest with Christmas frills that already are in full operational mode in stores. What’s a few trimmings without a fiesta and what’s a fiesta without cupcakes? Tried something new, I hope I can contain myself and entrust more than a few for expected guest. I can’t guarantee that any will hold over when Monday afternoon rolls around, but I can guarantee the gooiest cupcake I ever imagined alongside a few enlivened little friends. Give me a patch of pumpkins to weave through or an orchard of apples for plucking any day over candy hustling on a night that celebrates all-things creepy with unpredictable meteorological conditions any time, for these harvests make for a sweet-scented nest just after a few minutes in the oven.

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