Asphalt Wonders

Imagine working this hard every time you return home? I’m glad I don’t have to do so, nothing against stairs but when carrying hefty groceries or accruements of forsaken items from the car back into their domicile places, well it’s more of a chore even if it means strengthening and toning the glutes. As of late, this town has grown into some sort of a bicycle friendly place with whole lanes of streets converted into bicycle lanes in addition to the existing network of biking/hiking trails and the spike in sales of bicycles. Oddly enough I don’t see them in use, yinzers prefer the motorized scooters that are spotted across town at disposal with downloadable app. All these hills and open spaces for biking yet it’s not a place where there is a lot of recognition for having fit dwellers. Perhaps it’s because not everyone is participating in commuting to work with bicycles. Darn those not jumping on the bandwagon; they are directly affecting the ability for the rest of the participants to aptly get in shape.

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