Whimsical and lighthearted, it’s the way we’ve been feeling lately, actually it’s the only way this nimble child knows how to carry on unless her tummy is grumbling or her eyes grow heavy. She moves to create and how beautiful her movement is. If only we remembered how to move. At first glance at this photo, I wondered if she could see the stripe of sunbeam streaked across the room or even if she felt the warmth cross her cheek as she leapt through it. Humans can only see 1% of the visible light spectrum which means we can only see 1% of what is going on around us. How wild is that! In other words, most of our realities are invisible to the human eye. The visible light spectrum that we see is a tiny frequency band of the overall spectrum of frequencies with infrared and ultraviolet on either side of our sight, so we are unable to see the vast 99% of the world we live in. Take a moment to absorb that thought. Most of our existence is unseen. Hmm…are we meant to sense through other means if we can’t see the majority of what is taking place on this earth plane? I think we would move more like children or simply tip our heads to the side with a good chuckle if we realize the things that scare or stress us are distractions to the unlimited possibilities of what we ought to feel and ultimately become instead of permitting them to take over our hearts. One thing I see in children is their feelings are so much stronger than our thoughts and how natural it is for them to let distractions blow over until we point them out.

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