On Becoming a Steward

One may say I have a soft spot for a practice of care and stewardship. There’s something to be said for stewarding our assembled environment, for maintaining protecting and enhancing upon the things that have been fabricated to better serve us. So I thought. Do all things need to be consistently amended? While I am all in for the upkeep of a domicile as I fancy sharing in this space, I draw the line when stewardship turns to servitude. Shoving blame down our throats and promoting insalubrious state operating sanctions while rewarding seedy behaviors to not only validate an agenda but convince me that I will enjoy said journey of events is a shadowy road to the inevitable that has nothing to do with care and all to do with cheering for the vassalage of executives begging for my own homage on becoming a vassal. As time has proven, existential threats blasted from mouths of such hordes go on forever and unlike what we have grown way too cozy with, sentients do not need stewardship. I take pride with my day-to-day care of myself and my family and take heed of anything I possess with great responsibility and stewardship. Why I bother to speak up against servitude you ask? My only answer is because my children live here.

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