Something to Anticipate

Rumor has it that plants are a bit of a challenge, I suppose the same can be said about humans. I beg to differ, with the proper care, this houseplant along with sentient beings will earn their well-deserved spot on the easy-care plant list or the happy-care checklist. First check: A warm welcome from late afternoon sunbeams for both parties.

I felt this little luxuriant mate yearning for another spot, I think I found its flagship corner, at least for now. It’s as if those daringly linguini-like stems are stretching and bowing for something…that reconnection to someplace perhaps with indiscernible forces where the heat that’s in the sun will keep us when there is none. It’s beyond the imaginable, another realm of thinking…it must be to get us through this density we are meandering through.

Light excites within. It’s a stimulus, a response lying within. In this space, we find the power to choose a response and in this choice of response lies the potential for freedom, growth and chance to evolve into prosperous beings. In these precarious times, combating the worst of the conditioning to be comfortable is inevitable if we desire to break free from the lower false powers that hold us to vassal states. Torn apart for far too long by division, weakness and submission, isn’t this the battle our mothers, our brothers and sisters won? All the beauty that has been lost wants to find us again, Godspeed courageous ones, no more faltering in our path to the light.

The switcheroo can be kind of uncomfortable at first, but swiftly and notably afterwards, the reconnection and the chance of redemption to reach the final flourish into finding our way back home, for what could possibly arise that’s greater than a kingdom?

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