Someplace Special

“You make me question everything beautiful about myself.
And yet I run to you,
Bleed out my colors
On your doorstep
And beg for you to
Feed me your darkness.” –Alix Klingenberg

Sometime later…

“And then one day you will wake up to the realization that there was never anything to prove to anyone.” – Joseph S. Fusaro

In an era in which maturity is derided as senescence, I see years of experience offering awakenings all the while realizing we have always been held.

Did I mention that sometime later involved digging deeper into the darker seasons?

It’s no secret that believing brilliantly in the magic of everyday sprees offers a counternarrative to all the above. I hear the frozen planks crunch beneath my feet and yet I am warm with movement and command of my life.

I’ll be here traversing in the darkness appreciating the light ever more as I escort it merrily and devoutly along my path…

where our roads feel perpendicular,

yet I am well on my way to where we can’t recall.

Merrily greeting it every morn,

merrily on my way to somewhere special for us all.

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