Writing on the Wall

In an age when music is an aphrodisiac that once swallowed you best be grounded, on your knees boy for the almighty communicator, music and its shrouded régime is far more shocking than we ever imagined. Yet, the message in time palling as its varnish fades fleck by fleck to be replaced by its antithesis appearing like preambles of graffiti along urban tracks under a dark sky, all it takes is a glance to see. Just a flicker upon the dawning of the day…and you’ll see that this life is more than ordinary indeed.  

Music, the bridge to therapy, that has held me together on this earth plane for anyone asking:

If you are searching for something…
sexy with a hint of sweetness, Michael Hutchence of INXS
100% grounded and sultry, Sade
of hand selected all-stars and world renowned musicians by the commander himself that has mastered the art of connecting the dirges in his lyrics that pour out of his cells with ease, Sting
inventive, vital and weighty, Procol Harum
patriotic provoking, Mikis Theodorakis
with in-your-face lyrics, New Radicals
on a soulful mission, Kat Stevens
with Hutzpah, Tina Turner or Janice Joplin
One-of-a-kind in every way, Johnny Cash
to turn on the mood, Maxwell
with effortless movement and vocals and an all-time performer, Michael Jackson
from an allusively free form music maverick, Tupac
with her own flow, Lauren Hill
with a whole lot of funk, Nikka Costa
to belt out at weddings and hands down the vocalist with the best hair, George Michaels
who changed the music scene in such a short period of time, Kurt Cobain
to get the party started, Celia Cruz
to play into the wee hours of an evening soiree, Buena Vista Social Club
the most recognized lyrics and singer, Mick and his motley crew The Rolling Stones
progressive, political or any content with depth Morrissey, REM, Pink Floyd
something with larger-than-life personality whether it’s hard and fast or soft and slow, Red Hot Chili Peppers
of a coming home and a cry to save humanity with only a few chords, U2
that shifts the regularity into blowing your mind of premeditated epitomes, Jimmy Levy, Hi-Rez & Tom MacDonald.
for any mood and with a portion of all of the above, the one and only artist of them all, Prince.

and finally, lest not forget the brave hearts with a consciousness who faded away or are no longer with us…may their unwavering courage not be in vain and their sacrifice for humanity strengthen the movement of our evolution. Reclaim the thirst with your uniqueness, your awe, your wonder, your enthusiasm, your zest and lust…your magic.  A little prayer never hurt either, dear Lordly give us shelter and the courage to “keep on rocking in the free world.” -not sure who owns the rights to this song anymore as the pitied individual sold himself out and continues to sneer at the instinctive pursuit of freedom, masking up his own fear, uncertainty and shame.

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