You Were Made to Stand Out

Spanning a half century of musings, the collections that stand the test of time are the ones that I have been derided for, for they are the ones that made me stand out not so much for the limelight but for a lesson of reflection. Maybe it wasn’t learned and certainly not appreciated at that instance, but after the initial trigger and somewhere in between the slumber and vacuity, marinates perhaps the idea of unanimity. It’s the role that plays out continually and it’s one that I am discovering as of late that has been misinterpreted. I let the projections bounce off me because what really matters is the gooey inside. Like this amazing pie, it doesn’t matter if you choose not to try it because of its namesake, vinegar pie. It’s the best tasting pie on the planet as I posted about it originally a few squares back with barely a slice left, and it doesn’t care if the taker passes it up because he’s looking at one part of the matter. What counts is the approach to how this melt-in-your-mouth heavenly dulce came into being. Just a few simple quality ingredients with just the right amount stirred together with love and intent. The process is simple, the results delicious and its essence a definite luxury unimaginable unless you dare to taste it. I don’t think this vinegar pie ever lasted long enough to be called dessert around here but whenever the going gets tough or your existence provokes inanity within others it’s nice to have a little something to warm things up. Whether you feel it or not, sending lots of love.

Remember keep it simple.

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