A Tiny Commitment

I had a flask back to a high school moment the day this mirror was fastened to this quirky closet door. I was previously a demure maiden and as such wouldn’t have done anything too drastic to attract attention. Unless, I was in a comfortable setting surrounded by friends, you wouldn’t have heard a peep from me. So when Mr. Walsh, as in Joe Walsh’s brother, asked me to open the closet door as he was breathing down my neck, my heartbeat started pounding progressively harder against my chest, yet my hand managed to reach the knob, I may have gasped as I reluctantly opened it or perhaps succeeded to mutter an instantaneous prayer. However, to my relief, my chorus teacher asked me to look in the mirror that was fastened like the one here on the back of the door. An edgy and hungry teenager starred back at me, wishing that she didn’t agree to these visits during my lunch breaks. Although, he didn’t take a walk on the wild side like his rock and roller brother, as a humble chorus teacher he had the same intent in music. Just as Joe Walsh has a tremendous feel for the guitar and one can argue one of the best rock guitarists to surface in some time, his brother had a gifted claim to inspire the hope of the future with their own instrument, their voice. I have admired my chorus teacher after some time and now that I am getting around to it decades later, I can look into those hungry eyes for a wild version in my true colors. Mr. Walsh may not have stirred up an opera singer in me or any kind of vocalist for that matter, but he understood that the best way to get this teen to sing her heart out was to see herself, at least that’s what I got out of the exercise. There’s so much more than your mind tells you. Teachers like Mr. Walsh are few and far between these days, where most are stuck on a level that no longer serves us, that never really had ever served us purposefully. Moving beyond comfortability isn’t so comfortable. Those extra minutes on lunch break is all it takes to commit to moving through the resistance we create for ourselves. A great guide always helps to inspire whether it be a devotee to his fluid and intelligent guitar playing or a teacher who inspires an enthusiast to tap into the melody within…it’s in moments of clarity like this where we see our creative rifts like one of the greatest guitar solos of all time in “Hotel California” and realize we are wholesome as is. If we could only see ourselves and free ourselves. Be here, be love and it will find you.

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