I am in search of a particular experience, for as long as I can remember I always have been. The urge to experience yonder, closer to the natural world down a rutted path or alongside or above the flow of water to hear its song…there’s no match to it in the unnatural world. While this walking bridge is a reliable way to get across the river on the way in to work, or to grab items from the store or simply to free yourself from those fortifications that would otherwise have you forget about the great outdoors, in midair there’s no doubt to feeling your heart. Even though my digits felt more like icicles on the verge of cracking on this most frigidly hostile day, I set out to marvel each step of the way. Do the thing you’ve been afraid to do. Let’s head down where your mind wanders to the ripples of the water or the tiny veins of petals or the crystalline patterns of the snow. Leave that jumble in your head with wide-eyed wonder and step into your power…it’s a beautiful flow to be in the wild to feel so much stronger than your thoughts to know you are humbly powerful and among a surrounding network. Whether on terrain or floating above, happy trails.

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