Out of Tune

How ever did we get to this point, so far away from our mother, convinced that walls that contain us are our sanctuary? Don’t get me wrong I’m ever so grateful for Red https://thefolia.com/2017/04/09/red/, she’s there always for us and the surrounding slender all-wise trees make her even more charming and irresistible. At least a few steps out, we are reminded of how harmonious the workings of creation truly is. Living in its reverse behind the glass, we move about in comfortable warmth of our home and hearth, blooms and verdant friends abound. Closed up within our walls, few have ever heard or felt the effects of the frequencies of the wild, the essence of life of humankind…we still have much to learn of our true nature. May we find the strength even working backward from the elegant system that nourishes and flourishes in harmony. May we dream so beautifully so wonderfully in our lifetime now, in this unique evolutionary journey to discover that even beyond freezing temps that we swallow our pride and hold expectations, color-drained and frozen and know even in this state that we can surely be living its prelude as we retune ourselves to the grand orchestra of critical creation.

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