A star-studded countertop. Bright and cheery clutched in the grip of the deft fingers of my neighbor, a party of daffodils entered our nest and roused one of us, the tiniest one, to burst outdoors to collect a few more from our patch of blooms. I offered in return a just-out-of-the-oven mini sweet loaf as our flora familia grew with a few more fresh cuts from our little patch thanks to my little Ms sunshine. I guess you can say we got each other’s back when it comes to sharing beauty and moments of sacred relationships. Don’t forget to remind each other of the beauty you witnessed today and shift your trajectory into the life of starry coronas, halos and auras—light it up. Don’t be that one with the lights out, missing out on the splendor of connection not remembering how to get plugged back into the circuit of life.

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