I Wonder at Times

It’s not an uncommon scene around here to find accoutrements of polite fashions—lace, sequence, ribbons, yarn, feathers, and one of our favorite’s washi tapes. While we don’t adorn ourselves with them, instead we keep ourselves preoccupied with and tinker with such textiles. Currently, we are designing a mini-change purse with paper and washi tape. As I watch her create with such fluidity, such nimbleness, curiosity and unlimited vision playing out in her creation de jour, I wonder. Oh, I wonder, as I witness innocent exaltation, such a polished and splendent soul, whatever does happen to us as we ripen with life experiences?

When we relinquish it all to mimic human frailty, an admirable distinction when in the presence of courage, I wonder if we will stand for such eminence under duress. Courage to us all to initiate and create. Courage not to accept copy-cats, courage not to succumb to fear and all that it strangles: creativeness, self-determination, curiosity and that zing…you know the one that tingles when something ain’t quite right.

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