For well over thousands of years, distractions of all sorts thrust upon us tailored to create our thoughts, our patterns our actions, our reality linked to whatever external liking at any given moment. Nevertheless beauty, always omnipresent always waiting to be reunited and nudge us back onto our destined course. This entry way as the early morning light flickers along with the ever-so-gentle sweet breeze, is my daily aide-memoire to mind my energetic gales and reset my Beaufort scale if necessary. Under this glistening disco ball, I pass through and enter a realm of my own imagining. Paying attention to fewer things, mostly to things of the wild not of dominance or even convenient use or recreation or even economic expediency as we have been obsessed with, but of reverence. It’s the bit of the future, if we so crave, to demand in this passage allotted to rediscover and recenter ourselves as part of the wild. We all have the same entry point; some have remembered. Others are dredging it up painstakingly. You are not limited…the kingdom in all its glory is waiting but only you can bring yourself to the entrance.

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