Bring Me A Higher Love

Nothing like the lighting of the grand rising. This spot receives all the beginnings of the orchestra of light in the a.m. from the radiance of the sun, that amazing star prompting our spirit to thrive and to open our heart completely. It’s visibly so in these bourgeoning leaves reaching for the beyond. This is the place of epiphanies where wishes whirl into dreams and sky beams pirouette on hardwood floors. Dancing with the cadence of pulsing light, these starlights are far more than something dazzling to see—they are love letters of the forgotten way, thought shifting zings where peace within the ancient heart will be restored. No doubt paths are diverging…some of us are ready to thrust up to the stars above into a higher knowing within. Others carrying along with the stale and worn-out ways for the unknown is much too frightful to imagine. You are okay dearest soul. Every living thing aches as it changes. We can’t manage within such magnitude of what’s streaming to attempt this without a higher love, without the starlight beams from above. Ahhh, the wonder of being alive.

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