Everything is Propagating

These foals are thriving, and the herd is expanding, it feels like peak conditions out here on the ranch.  Colts and fillies are being birthed and more in the making…can’t keep up with naming these stunning creatures. Fifteen hours of daylight, sunny days ahead with overnight showers…nirvana for anything wild. Even Paco, here can’t help himself from munching on what’s proliferating now on the grounds way up north of the equator. These cowgirls-in-the-making are honoring and honing their time on such hollowed grounds. You can’t help but tap into that intrinsic math of the heart here…the one that propels us into the new…or the forgotten realm of love, truth, purity and harmony. Moving to a primal force resonating in a resting space where one resounds deeply with life-force experience through various parts of oneself–there can be no other beauty. If you don’t have it in you, these whereabouts and the bounty that continue to unfold isn’t for you, at least not at the moment. Perhaps soon.

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