An Arresting Presence

Taking a few steps back after a couple hours enveloped in silky waters, I stopped to breathe this in. For a moment I wondered if I swam to the other side of the world, for this ain’t the world I have been living as of past. The coast of South Africa perhaps? It’s certainly some kind of brave new world I stepped through. Possibilities on this horizon are limitless, as I understand the assignment, at least the gist of it now. Gently taking back the parts of me that went missing and somehow swirled back into me with this magical swim. Somehow in this sweet retreat something galvanized. I envision a surveying raptor hovering above for its next exquisite fill and a portrait of Durga riding a tiger or lion across this plane. Durga, also known as Shakti or Devi, is the protective mother of the universe. She is known as the embodiment of knowledge, truth and self-realization. Durga’s pose often depicted riding a wild and fearless feline is called Abhay Murda which means “freedom from fear.” Yes, definitely see and feel this image here on this painted horizon.

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