From the start and some ways into it, haziness
laborious and lingering, veil of shame
instant yet never wholly gratifying, uninhibited encounters
what’s meant to be seen, everything resolutely walled in the dark
errantly tiresome, a fabled fiend
authentic power in substance, burrowed too far deep
envy, anger and blame, draping what’s to seek
hot, sticky entanglements, way out of your league.
feelings of powerlessness, at the root
a micro cosmic swirling surprise, always there to wonder, always there to choose to disrupt the encumbered patterns.
changes, unseen (yet so much changing)

I’ve been playing around with my daily dose of my antidote…swirling in some, black sesame, moringa, hibiscus, nettles, horsetail, peony root, mulberry and more of my favorite, cardamom in addition to my existing medley here (Suggested Use: Daily into your latte.) Here’s to your health friends!

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