Hey, Good Looking!

She looks spritely doesn’t she as summer filters through the pollen dusted windows? It’s a tricky thing, to have your kitchen positioned in blunt view, or perhaps a forthright spurring is just what’s required. Pulling up even in a vehicle, your eye will spy every object on display, even items on the drying rack may transmit disheveled vibes. Still, the positioning of the room where I spend a heck of a lot of time in couldn’t be more of a spot-on view of children at play out front as I prepare anything from teatime to suppertime. The rows of fragrant herbs kept at bay until I pop in here to clip a few sprigs for my next prepped meal are steps away. Or a little further out into the yard, where I clip snippets from flourishing flora to adorn a slab of gleaming quartz, softening up the vibe in the heartland of my nest whilst extending the wild, as in nature.  And I get to work again, always at it, editing, clearing space to allow for more easy breaths, for life’s appetite to ebb and flow more assuasively. To distill it…after all, would we want anything in our spaces that prevents us from experiencing gratification, beauty, and peace? Especially in a space when kids come and go and ask, what’s cooking?

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