Twinkle, Twinkle Baby O

Not so much a baby anymore but a princess warrior at heart and on these sacred grounds. Just look at that moon face of hers aglow…enamored by the fullest of moon light captured on her device and in the space where the light is engulfed by the dark hole into the holy of holies.

“We are all sisters of a mysterious order,” it couldn’t be more apparent here, under an ample moon, cowgirls in the making bellowing in delight to be at play with one another. Marianne Williamson stated so cleverly “most women I know are priestesses and healers, although many don’t know it and some never will.”

And just as Baby O is no longer a baby, in fact nothing small about her essence, although we affectionately love to call her so, so long as we instill within ourselves and others all the grace and all the love and all the speckles from star trails swirled above. Brilliance in the night and in the light, may you shine bright far into the beyond…for you never know whose sky you’re lighting up simply by being yourself.

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