Put On All The Armor

And just like that, a sophisticated grey and all colors fade away. It’s a lot to ask when temperatures drop to near freezing and those long steamy summer days are fastidiously far into the distant like dubious memories. The wind nearly blew me off the ledge, but I landed softly into loomed arms. They’ve been there always, haven’t they? It’s a grand reveal. I’m getting real with myself, the good, the bad…all of it. I sat with the complexity of it all, you know the humanness of it all, that fleeting experience where beauty takes a toll. Up here that part of me can growl and howl, there’s gotta be grit…“conversion has made our hearts a battlefield”…I’m not going down, no I’m staying above it all for my address has been changed forever and there is a celestial party in my honor.

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