Fit For Service

A reason to hate, the only thing you rummage for
What finds you, resentment, destructive cynicism and that dark crater.

What I desire on this canvas, magical painting
brand new life expression, this rising woman
what I’m leaving behind, qualms
played out, my dutiful role
what I won’t tolerate, artifices
or your turning in a bed that’s darkening.
Empty, yet I followed
Had me foolin’
had them swoonin’

And yet something promising, sparks igniting from within
always have been, an initiative on how to be in existence for myself, living my sacred name story
to remind me of the end of the day, shimmering silver linens.
to remind me of yet another start, the first light of another fine day.

“…go ahead throw your stones cause there’s magic in my bones.” – Imagination Dragons

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