Lil’ Loves

Sweet lil’ loves, I’ll take these over even the lusciously blooming bleeding red buds in the background. Something about teeny, tiny things, perhaps because I’m such a thing. These may be debris by some laudable standards, but I hold them in high regard. These circular little fellas remind me of willfully resilient gypsies in many ways, without a beginning nor an end yet these petaled spheres embodied in notions of totality, wholeness, expressiveness, timelessness, and the holiest of holies, living thyne divine right. Roll along little ones, roll along in your elysian manner…it’s the freedom we are contending. No there to arrive at, only when to rest a weary head on mother’s expansive shoulders. No completion to achieve, only the art of exploration. To explore love day in and day out…happy valentines loves. Every day is valentines with all the love that’s beaming. Can you feel it?

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