In The Dimming Light

This gorgeous bunch had to come home with me just because. No need for lengthy missives, a cluster of these say it with a tender litheness, and enthusiasmos…a rush of grace to relieve the tension in the air, well jusqu’à demain that is.And even then, what does it matter to hold such weightiness it ain’t worth it…let that shit go already…you weren’t built for that…you were meant to glow…take it from these luminous ones, you think they’re holding onto anything? It’s a fabulous time to be alive ecstatic ones.

*In Greek religion enthusiasm ἐνθουσιασμός/enthousiasmós refers to being taken by a higher power, usually personified by the gods θειασμός/theiasmós, ‘inspiration’; ἔνθεος/éntheos, ‘possessed by god’. The individual leaves an ordinary state and enters one that is determined from without and strange to being no longer ‘him- or herself’ ἔκστασις/ékstasis; Ecstasy. What humans achieve in this state is god-given.

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