Baring It All

I’ve kept this little fellow bedside since I found it in on the floor of my bedroom, alone and still, without even another one to admire. It’s now in good company with other nightstand items.
 A talisman is nifty, especially when its from the wild and can have measurable effects on our wellbeing and our cognitive health. It’s before we’re able to string a few words together or well into a ripened age where words are selective and used sparingly that teeny tiny, feathered friend approach us quite boldly and frequently. Such was a morning like today, a wordless one, but buzzing from within I magnetized a lil’ birdie hippity, hopping on its fragile legs…welcome cutest little one, welcome likewise all buds bursting from trees, all blooms and ferns unfurling. Three cheers to this time of year when doors are wide-open for a gush of spring and when the art of dailiness is most rewarding as rapid growth commences so swiftly. It’s an expansive time when everything is exposed…baring it all.

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