How Do You Feel in Your Workspace?

Let’s start with what’s on your desk. Is your paperwork and weighty projects overcrowding your workspace? Don’t let paperwork defeat you—clear a space to work from immediately. In fact make it a habit to clear your desk from any clutter after you finish working. Try it and see how rejuvenating it feels.

Keep only what’s absolutely necessary, a computer, a phone, some pens or pencils, and a notebook. Place a plant near the computer or printer to balance any negative electromagnetic effects.

Display business cards to the right. Organize all other items like a stapler, paper clips, files, etc. in drawers or shelves nearby. Keep mail in check with a bright binder and shred or file a bill once it has been paid or embrace technology and maintain your bills online. A clear desk means a clear mind. A clear mind will yield vision and perspective.

Pay attention to the energy in your office by creating a commanding position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area. Face your desk to a window if you are so fortunate and enjoy the natural light. Remember to open the window and let the fresh air flow freely. If you must position your desk in front of a wall be certain to transform the wall with artwork especially one of a river that represents wealth.

Where is your back facing? Do not position your back to the door or in line with it. In fact, think of the back wall as your mountain supporting you with powerful images and awards or photos that carry the energy of happy moments.  Place bright and inspiring art with vibrant colors and tall plants and trees to protect yourself. If you have your back to the door, be sure to find a way to see the reflection of the office entrance like an object made of shiny metal.

Feeling stuck? Remove clutter, especially things that haven’t been moved in awhile. Stick a windspinner, you know the ones your children are always making with recycled paper, into a pot and near an opened door to redirect energy.

Plan your office nest with your success, well being and productivity in mind and see what a beautiful mind you have to offer.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Feel in Your Workspace?

  1. I’m afraid when it comes to workspace, at home and the office, I’m the Queen of Clutter! Your suggestions are so worth noting…the clutter does distract me, and it’s simply a matter of prioritizing the time it takes to do something about it! I love the clean lines you shared…thanks! Debra


    • I think paperwork is something we all need to work on. I procrastinate with this the most, but feel so euphoric when I spend even an hour to organize, shred or file those infinite papers. Baby steps and soon you will be the Queen of Clean Lines too. After all it’s just a little paper and some paperclips, non? I just spent the afternoon trying to persuade someone to move his desk to be able to view the beautiful Pacific. At his office his sits with his back to the ocean, so I suggested to position his desk where he can see the bountiful ocean and notice if the energy would create a money flow for the office. I can only advise…


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