Spice Up Your Nest

Allow your spice drawer to open up another world for you—a tantalizingly tangible one that will blow away your taste buds. Lately I am obsessed with fennel seed. The smell transports me into another dimension. Crush the tiny seeds with a mortar and mix in with meats or vegetables and introduce yourself to something delectably fresh and sweetly ethereal. Fennel is a sattvic spice or has a characteristic of goodness. It supports qualities like peacefulness, equilibrium and sustainability.  (Sounds like the same qualities an organized nest welcomes.)
Love truffles but cannot splurge on the fresh? Why not stock your drawer with truffle salt. Just a pinch on your fried egg and rice will make you believe you trekked across the globe for those prized hunted treasures.

Invest in whole nutmeg and shave a little on top of your afternoon coffee. Add allspice or cloves and it will transform your cup of Joe into a tropical java! Nutmeg can sweeten or make your dish savory; the power of choice awaits you at your fingertips.

Let’s not neglect the other drawers in your kitchen. Finding the right utensil when creating in the line of fire is paramount.

Use separators to help you organize and assist you in being the Top Chef in your nest. Wooden spoons and cutting boards command some affection too. Transform the years of rough grooves and brittle and discolored wooden spoons to their original luster by protecting them from wear and apply handmade beeswax and mineral oil. Use a clean dry cloth to rub the emollient in to keep wood moisturized and extend its life.

Don’t let your drawers put you in a tailspin and muddle your brain before whipping up your next meal. The only thing sanctioned for muddling is some mint, lime & cane sugar for that mojito you deserve after organizing those drawers. Don’t delay…that refreshing, mouth-watering happy juice awaits you. Invite a friend over and toast to your accomplishment of making history in your drawer. The brimming joy you will experience and bring to others creating with spices from around the world is truly limitless.

2 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Nest

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I am not naturally organized and I have so much admiration for people who do it well! You inspire me! And thanks for reminding me about truffle salt! I love truffle oil, but have never purchased truffle salt. I must! Debra


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