Blissful July

Fourth of July for Americans and Bastille Day for the French spark up quite the fireworks the first half of the month. Of course there are the fireworks between two souls so madly in love that tying the knot in July is no doubt bewitchingly blissful. Last and certainly not least what makes July so deliriously blissful is it’s officially dedicated as National Ice Cream Month. These days it’s universal to scream for ice cream. Vegan, lactose or gluten intolerant, you can still enjoy the cool sensation of cream or “creamlike” substance melting on your tongue.

Stack those scoops as high as the palms in a cone and don’t worry about making a mess in your nest as long as you have Caldrea Herbs of Provence All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe off the drippings. The fragrance will transport you to the South of France with its notes of lavender, lily of the valley and mint. Even though you may not have a birds-eye-view of Bastille Day fireworks from a garden in France, rest assured that Caldrea will refresh your senses and leave your countertops, floors and cupboards sparkly clean without any harsh or hazardous chemicals. I use and recommend it to all clients for their humble abodes and have recently spotted it on sale at Homegoods. In fact, I love this product so much I bought four bottles (they are concentrated so I am set for the rest of the year.)  It doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m not on holiday in Provence avec mes amies, but I can certainly enjoy my perfumed nest as if I’m frolicking in herbal pastures.

Be adventurous this summer and try balsamic on your scoops. Verify that the only ingredient is grape must. (Note: balsamic will contain sulfites for the same reason your favorite bottle of wine does.) If there is coloring or caramel it’s not the real thing. Be good to your body and splurge on an artisanal product that matures naturally without any additives, just time. 

Allow for the summer breeze to enter through your windows. The air inside our homes is not as healthy as we think. Don’t gamble with your well being, next time you clean your nest open your windows and use non-toxic cleaners to honor your health, your nest and the nest of all nests, Mother Earth. Have a blissful July.

4 thoughts on “Blissful July

  1. What a gorgeous post…I’m just inspired reading it! Thanks for the explanation about balsamic vinegar…I had no idea about the sulphites. It makes sense, I just haven’t thought of it! I have a Home Goods not far from where I work…will try this lovely product. Your photos are just great! 🙂 Debra


    • Products are random at Homegoods. Unfortunately since it’s hit or miss you have to frequent the store more often, or maybe that’s fortunate! Happy to inspire–my son is addicted to balsamic, he is always asking to dress his food with it so I have to read the labels whenever I purchase it.


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