The Push Present

I had read that Rachel Zoe received a diamond the size of her newborn’s head as her “push present“. Now I’m not one to comment on such matters, I usually don’t give it much thought, but somehow I couldn’t let this one go. Really a push present? I’m not underestimating the task at hand. What Ms Zoe accomplished and what many other women have done and continue to do is an amazing feat and they do deserve the world or at minimum a village to support her throughout this little person’s evolution. I didn’t receive a push present, however, I did receive a diaper bag, diapers, and plenty of onesies. No baby manual, however, an abundance of advise, and oh yes a beautiful, healthy baby—the most amazing gift of all. For two years I thought this joyous gift could not be matched and then, I had another beautiful, healthy baby and couldn’t believe I had it in me to dote on another little person. My unconditional love for my fledglings has its limits some days, but I wouldn’t change it for any ring any day! Don’t get me wrong a little splurging on yourself or your nest if your budget allows is thrilling, but be mindful of what really makes you happy and take time to enjoy simple moments. While delighting in an early evening stroll, I drifted into a beachfront store   with my favorite little people and we explored some fun items. We gravitated to the insect items, like the insect frozen in time key chain and what made me stop in my tracks, a tarantula bracelet. My little ones always like to play with whatever is on my wrist, however, this one in particular is even more inviting to touch. Discovering that this item was in my budget $11.00, I happily made an impulse purchase and my little dears now help me coordinate my outfits with my new bargain.Display your bijoux in your nest so that you can easily find what you are looking for when accessorizing. Be careful not to tangle longer necklaces and be creative when it comes to organizing your stash.



8 thoughts on “The Push Present

    • Sometimes its great to do things differently–it changes the energy in our place. Think of displaying jewelry as commemorating a gift we once received, or if we bought it ourselves years ago then this way it will certainly remind us to appreciate what we already have. Plus, it makes it easier to find your jewelry and to accessorize. This doesn’t apply to children of course even though I agree they are amazing gifts.


  1. I love the jewelry display, very pretty!
    As for the push presents, I actually like the idea. I think the tradition can be really sweet and genuine. I got one from my husband with our first child and I didn’t even know what they were at the time, but I cherish it and it reminds me every day of my journey through pregnancy. He got me a Signature Pendant from Juno Lucina, which is beautiful and I think very appropriate. Check it out:


    • Thank you. Your present is beautiful and you should cherish it. Presents are wonderful to give and receive especially when they represent a memorable moment. I continue to enjoy my gifts everyday more and more especially when they give goodnight hugs.


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