Sweet Little Somethings

Roses are red, violets are blue, we wish winter would rest his weary head so that we may wake to the oh-so-sweet morning dew. This winter-wonderland is where our favorite rosy-cheek friend resides. (Oh, how we love that jolly ‘ole soul.) But a peak of sunshine—even if it were to make us squint would indeed be a step toward our grand ‘ole goal. We had our fun making snow angels and a big, round snowman we affectionately named Rico, slurping swirling marshmallows in steamy hot cocoa, and sticking out our tongues to catch the angelic floating flakes. Please, oh please sunshine come warm our frozen toes for old time’s sake. How we long to swing under your comforting rays and admire your vibrant sunsets on long summer days. Good things might come to us if we wait; we trust in your brilliance to deliver our fate. Until then we’ll enjoy these savory chocolate hearts, however, don’t be a stranger or stray too far apart. I wrote this for a Valentine’s card five years ago when we were in a not-so-sunny place. May the sun warm up your nest if this Valentine’s finds you in a frigid state. XX and OO, XX and OO to all you winter brave-hearts. As you can see from my little one’s expression–he was not a fan of the Adirondack crisp country air he had experienced–more content to be digging in the earth or harvesting oranges–our very first ones ever! Sweet little somethings indeed…you don’t need a lot of space, just a patch here and there and not much water. These citrus treats are from our dwarf tree in a pot and they came through for us just in time for something sweet today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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