What About the Facade?

IMG_6111We don’t give much thought to walls and windows of the outdoor world. Inside our nest we pay more attention to them by adorning walls with precious photos and inspiring artwork. Our windows are our connection to the great outdoors even if we don’t have mesmerizing vistas that sweep us away, we can add green beauties onto the windowsills or dress windows with fine silks or textiles that comfort us. But what about the facade?IMG_6065 The facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. From the engineering perspective, the facade is monumental due to its impact on energy efficiency. In our rush-and-make-something-of-ourselves mode we neglect our outdoor supporting walls and protective transparencies that graciously grant light to permeate into our homes. IMG_6077

Outdoor strolls of LB whisk me away to a euphoric zone because of how passionate locals are willing to express themselves with the facades of their nests or other establishments. IMG_6044IMG_6047IMG_6046IMG_6055IMG_6057 In addition to learning from the wise one, Ruben, I have seen the power of walls and windows throughout the town through our bi-weekly garden walks. I may not get the opportunity to see what the rest of the world has to offer, but I’m not complaining about how I’ve been transfixed by this charming ocean-side paradise. IMG_6114IMG_6094IMG_6086 If you are like me and are inflicted with wanderlust but can’t make it pass your hometown, then hit the streets and explore what the walls and windows of your neighborhood have to offer…discover that life has some possibilities left when you surrender to everything around you. And if you happen to be a happy nest owner, do put some thought into your facade…it will make a passerby happy–at least this sun-kissed face will be smiling. IMG_6089IMG_6107IMG_4822

10 thoughts on “What About the Facade?

  1. What a beautiful and charming area. I imagine it’s tough not to feel uplifted in such a lovely setting. And I love the sign bearing these words: “Life is uncertain; eat desserts first.” Makes good sense! 🙂


    • It has maintained its charm as an artsy spot even in Orange County. I agree it’s a great sign and they make some pretty amazing chocolates, so if my endorphins don’t kick in after the two hour walk then this little spot will help out.


  2. Gosh what a beautiful area you live in!! I miss that Southern California light and heat. The light here is just different. When I am in Southern California, it’s just so intense — it seems to make everything so much more “clear” and “crisp”!


    • Yes it’s something else and something that I never take for granted. Speaking of heat, it’s going to be pretty intense this week, with unfortunately no signs of moisture. Laguna Beach most always keeps cooler because of the Pacific, however, we still could use some rain.


  3. Laguna Beach is really extraordinary. I thoroughly enjoy walking the streets and window shopping–literally looking at the windows, doors and exteriors. I would love to be close enough to formally take a more active interest through the wonderful walks you describe. And the Laguna Nursery is a destination in itself. I have a friend who comes to town from Arizona and specifically asks me to take her there just for inspiration. I’m long overdue a trip down! And thank you for inspiring me, Cristina.


    • So happy to hear I inspired you Debra! Yes a visit to the nursery is always a pleasant visit–such a variety of events planned in conjunction with this special haven. Ruben has organized an exciting event with the trailer of Elizabeth Taylor and he has scrambled up the tours for a few Sundays, so don’t forget to visit the Surf and Sand for some $4 TACOS.


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