And Then There Was One.

The original gang consisted of three. A Dalmatian spotted one, a zebra striped one and now just this lonely one. The former ones that past were best buds frolicking about in their four-sided quarters. The Dalmatian one was the first to go and I know the zebra striped one mourned for his lost soul mate. For the last few days the zebra striped one was hiding in the cave-like structure and then up it went. SONY DSC I didn’t see what happened in between nor did I witness his last little bubble, I would imagine a sentimental a-dios to his other half. One morning I took notice of it floating on the surface. We chanted another little prayer for this fish and flushed the poor little scaled-creature from the fresh waters down the toilet. Farewell our brave-heart. The question now in our nest is, do we select another buddy for the survivor or do we get to the bottom of the malady in the tank? Neither fish was able to attain a year of life in its humble abode…for certain they both should have enjoyed a longer life. Although we are not fish specialists, we are all fortunate with green thumbs so it’s no surprise the foliage in the tank is doing better than the fish.

I didn’t think to write about the mundane and uneventful times in the tank. Nor did I think to write on a high note when the fish cheerfully played—they were truly kindred spirits that uplifted and inspired me as I gazed through their clear floor-to-ceiling-walls. I choose instead to write about a morose moment in time when there was just one. Was there truly nothing to be shared about our vibrant swimmers until now? SONY DSC

I could have written thoughts about bringing home a tank full of fish or one that performs as a fountain noting that its placement in the nest is paramount. I chose to place our tank in the southeast corner of our nest. According to feng shui BA-gua, the southeast is the compass point most directly associated with wealth. Southeast is represented by the number four, although four fish didn’t swim about, there is a plant with four leaflets floating wherever the current of the filter will carry it. Purple is the primary color associated with this direction; therefore a purple pebble sparkles on top of the neutral granules of sand. Let’s hope this shiny companion will give our last fish the power he craves. There is a fig tree growing in the southeast corner of the balcony, however its royal purple cloaks do not bud for another four months. Fish and moving water both attract good chi: water is a life giver thus a symbol of continuous abundance, and the fish represent a benefactor of sustenance or nourishment, therefore associated with health, wealth and prosperity. IMG_4177IMG_4217 Discover what is amenable to you–how does the fish relate to you, the stone, the plant, or do you prefer a serene fountain? Disperse the static energy in your nest by incorporating flowing water or life into your nest with great intentions and with whatever else moves you. IMG_2321IMG_2911piata 4

7 thoughts on “And Then There Was One.

  1. We had a fish tank for a few years in my oldest son’s room. Bought it for him for Christmas. But after a few fish deaths, we decided to pack it in. My son was taking care of the tank, so he took the deaths personally, even though he was doing all the right things (with my husband’s oversight). And then he lost interest, so it was just as well. 🙂


    • So sorry to hear about your poor little fish. We loved our little fish presence–they had some beautiful designs, I wish I took pictures of the other two designs of the fish. We have tried our best too, sometimes its not enough–I’m sure their captivity is not ideal for their well being. I remember learning that an aquarium in the bedroom is not good feng shui because its main elements: water, fish, vegetation, as well as the constant movement weakens the energy you want in the bedroom…the nourishing energy of sensuality, stability and firm grounding.


  2. How sad. The fish brought calmness and beauty and I’m sure more than one made it an aqua party. My friend brought one home from the OC Fair last year (they’re in bags and all of them are guaranteed winners) but it didn’t last long. With 4 animals, we won’t add fish for awhile but I hope to have them someday. They’re amazing.


    • Yes, it was definitely an aqua party nicely put! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog and adding your much appreciated comment. Agreed, your nest is lovely as is without an additional aqua creature, perhaps a water fountain my suit you more.


  3. I took care of my son’s fish for a couple of months while he traveled and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed that little guy. I can’t honestly say I noticed any particular personality or distinguishing habits, but I did respond to his company! We have a water source outdoors that makes enough sound for me to hear indoors, but I don’t have any particular water sign, fish or fountain, indoors. I think I’d like to think about that. Maybe another little fish! I hope your one little survivor does well! He’s very sweet. 🙂


    • Thank you, so far so good…he’s still swimming. A flowing water source outside in the gardens would also attract good chi. In addition you have a tortoise–Darwin is the epitome of longevity and a strong portent of long life for those who keep him.


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