It’s a Momentum Thing

It’s a Momentum Thing

What’s an esplanade without an impermeable canopy of densely verdant heart-shaped leaves intermixed with cupped-shaped flowers? Now if you’re checked out and on autopilot you may miss what’s in plain sight above your brow. But if fully awake, present and driving … Continue reading

And Then There Was One.

The original gang consisted of three. A Dalmatian spotted one, a zebra striped one and now just this lonely one. The former ones that past were best buds frolicking about in their four-sided quarters. The Dalmatian one was the first … Continue reading

Purple Prizes

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Figs Left alone. Forgotten, tiny and alone. Without my belongings without burdening histories, only the present under the drooping branches of figs. As I close my eyes, I can smell their sweet fragrance see their royal purple cloaks. I can … Continue reading