Keep Calm and Wear an Endearing Smile

A smile goes a long way, a very long way. Lately we have endured some inconveniences but fortunately the mistakes of others are accompanied by empathy, apologies and we-will-make-it-better attitude. You can’t feel perturbed by one’s considerable efforts to turn things around, after all we are human and things happen. Remember these troublesome occurrences are temporary and soon you will be back to your merry old self. In the words of the great Mick…“You can’t always get what you want,” but if you’re offered an apology, then accept it with a smile, remember it goes a long way. To encourage uplifted spirits in the nest, I enjoy bright flora.

How I terribly miss these from our former nest. They bloomed often in the gardens without much water since they are the flower of a succulent and I never missed an opportunity to clip their lengthy and sometimes coiling stems—a heaven-sent gift for any nest.

They lighten our hearts after wending our way throughout our day and augment the sweet in “home sweet home” as we flee pass the tender petals bursting with deep purple hues by the entrance of our nest. Do you enjoy flowers in your nest? Please share what blossoms instantly perk you up.


8 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Wear an Endearing Smile

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some troublesome times – hope everything settles soon. We too are going through a trying time except there are no smiles or apologies being offered. I agree that a smile and an apology do go a long way. But fresh flowers is such a good idea – thanks for the reminder and I will be getting some this weekend to cheer us all up. Some big and beautiful sunflowers may be the answer!


    • Thank you for your concern. It’s been a few inconveniences lately, but nothing to get us truly down. Sunflowers sound great for your nest…I hope you are able to create a garden that will liven up your new nest.

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  2. Sincere apologies go a long way, don’t they? Not the kind where excuses are made or blame is placed elsewhere, but the kind where a person takes responsibilities for the mishap and genuinely apologizes. As you say, it’s tough to remain perturbed after that.

    I don’t have flowers in my home often–I’ve never been one to make plant life thrive–but I always enjoy looking at my neighbors flowers when I go on walks. I love tulips, but sadly, they’re only in bloom for a short time. And I love a robust yellow rose.


    • Yes apologies that take the higher road are rare and few (it’s much easier to point the finger to someone else) so they have gained our respect. How wonderful to be able to enjoy the flowers of your neighbor. I’m not one for buying flowers either so it was a treat to be able to have a garden where I was able to clip some beauties here and there as short-lived as it was.

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  3. I think what you’re describing is a graciousness in spirit that I so rarely see. When I do, it stands out to me as very precious. You appear to have that kindness and ease with life that is a gift to those around you. And your nest is so inviting. I lingered over each photo and immediately felt relaxed and ready to bring in some flowers! My granddaughter had her 6th birthday last week and on the way home I stopped to buy her a bouquet. I know that I always delight when someone gives me flowers. I’m not nearly as quick to take the time to gather flowers from outdoors, however, and you’ve inspired me to think about that. I have blooming succulents in abundance, and yet I’ve never once clipped a bloom to bring indoors! Your nest always, always inspires me to live more beautifully, Cristina. ox


    • Thank you Debra. I’m always happy when I write a blog post and I’m thrilled when I receive such gracious comments as yours. Happy birthday to your granddaughter…I’m glad she enjoyed a bunch of nature’s beauties and do welcome some from your garden into your nest.


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