Cry Me a River

It happens to the best of us and if it hasn’t happened to you yet…hooray for you and may you never have to go to great lengths to retrieve your photos or pertinent information that you mistakenly deleted with a click of a mouse or a flick of a fidgety digit. IMG_2447Oops… I did it again, I deleted hundreds of unsaved photos on my camera. In my mind I had already downloaded, filed and organized them, but when I went to attach photos to my post, my heart sank as my hands held the weight of my muddled brain. Those photos were the reason why I IMG_2451procrastinated packing up our goods for the move. I snapped away at various vignettes ceaselessly the last week before the move—it was my last chance and now it maybe a lost mission. An abundance of natural light had an intimately nimble and playful way with us in our previous nest. It bathed us with its delightfully warm and golden rays—I couldn’t resist the shots. And now poof all gone…photos taken for the next five posts and photos from previous posts. Swiftly, I seized the camera and squirmed off to my neighborhood Geek Squad IMG_2444mumbling, cursing and invoking the Great Almighty to reverse what I did just this once! I looked at Mr. Geek Squad square into his dark and cavernous eyes and said “I know you can assist me.” I spilled the beans and he told me of course for five hundred dollars he could ship it out and in five days my card will reappear in my hands successfully or not. As much as I believed the photos to be worth every penny, I couldn’t justify the compensation even in my decompensating (yes, this is a word at least according to Last Word on Nothing ) state of mind. He then volunteered another option miles and miles away. I scanned the web for the number of this far away mysterious depot for mishaps, confirmed its status on yelp and my partner-in-crime (sleeping at the time) and I darted into the car and zipped for the border once again. As I bolted into the five star yelp-reviewed establishment, I relinquished my memory card with the agreed amount of cash, forty US dollars and the waiting game officially began. I was thankfully distracted with all my little bears and Papa bear yesterday, however, today I await the verdict with agony. Again imploring to the infallible Almighty to assist me in this incalculable mishap. Later today, I will greet a friend at the airport and I will tell her, “Let’s head to the International Border,” to lighten the blow of my mundane trip down south to reclaim my restored memory card. She resides in the middle of the country so I am hoping she will oblige thinking it’s not something she can scamper across at her locale. “You don’t even have to loom into the shady establishment while I pick up my goods,” I will tell her. “Just watch my back, would you?” I would add. Have you been in such a pickle? I’m thinking positive as I would love to share with you what I have been delving into these last weeks before the move as I think you will enjoy and be inspired. Here’s to wishing my next post will be a cheery one, one with my reclaimed pictures so that you can tell me yourself if you think they are worthy. In the meantime, take a few wise tips from a fellow blogger and don’t do what I did. Now back to braising quails in tomatillo chili sauce and making an avocado parsley tahini and lemon dressing for the salad for our celebratory feast tonight.

10 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. Oh, you poor thing. So sorry to hear it. I haven’t lost photos, but I’ve lost other things, mostly Word documents. Once I thought I lost my entire manuscript in a software program, but luckily I got it back. Phew.

    I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you!

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  2. Oh no! I feel for you. Did you manage to get them back? I hope you did. Just always back up – even photos on your laptop should be backed up somewhere else and some would even go so far as say back up twice. Thanks for the mention.

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    • Yes, the technician called and said he was able to burn over 1000 pictures on a disk for me (that’s crazy since the memory card doesn’t hold that many). Only 10 percent were corrupted, however, I haven’t checked the cd yet since a friend is staying in the office for a few days. When I reclaim the office again next week, I will have time to DOWNLOAD and file and BACKUP…until then it’s in a safe place. I was happy to share your helpful post.

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  3. Sorry to hear that. It sucks when that happens. If its any consolation, my computer died yesterday and in order to fix it they needed to do a hard wipe of EVERYTHING on it…I figure its a sign for a fresh start for moi!

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  4. Sorry to hear that. It sucks when that happens. If its any consolation, my computer died yesterday and in order to fix it they needed to do a hard wipe of EVERYTHING on it…I figure its a sign for a fresh start for moi!

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