Let the Good Times Roll



Children have a natural élan, innately understanding how to bring vigorous fun and play to a new level. At some point in our lives we forget how to play, we grow more and more sedentary and our minds spin deeper and deeper into our monitors or palm held screens. Where is the love of play?

Can you retract that childhood feeling of dashing, climbing and chasing into the last seconds of daylight before you reluctantly made it back to the nest for dinner?

I fortunately am reliving these moments through my little bears. Cousins are in town and the connection between them is electrifying. Their worlds merge instantly as they reunite for yet a few more brief moments in their lifespan as if the stretch in between was ceased in a time warp without the hazy confusion. There’s something to be said about being enthralled in the moment of play. Squat and lanky legs darting, dashing and sometimes crashing into one another. Sturdy kicks that compel the ball to sail into the goal…life filled with an endless energy reserve. No plans, merely spontaneous rule making and lots of laughter. Through this bespoken play idiosyncrasies are shared enriching their secluded little worlds a wee bit more. Eyes trained downward, kneeling and digging into the wet sand quietly as if sand dollars were easily spooked, immersed in play from beginning to end.

Sadly, it will all end and we will go our separate ways until the time will come when we catch up again. Cheers to keeping those good times rolling! I’ve been working on not minding the afternoon detritus in the nest and instead savoring playtime.


6 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll

  1. This takes me back to my own childhood. Long days of playing outside, not coming in until dark. To me, dusk was always a fun time to be playing outside. Something about the fading light and the crisper air made it so enticing, especially in the fall.

    Wonderful pics as always.


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