Time goes by, and I am left unchanged.
Where did all the minutes fly off to
so swiftly,
so far away?

Can we ever recover those lost minutes?
Can they really disappear
so quickly,
and so far away?

I long for one more minute…
I will savor it starting today. IMG_20150816_141931457 IMG_20150816_142237344 IMG_20150816_142519753 IMG_20150816_142233692 IMG_20150816_142307679IMG_20150816_142103472

Slowing down a bit…it’s the calm before the storm of the holiday madness. Less motion and more thought is what I’m graciously welcoming into our nest. Fermata…in order to scatter once again.

8 thoughts on “Chronos

    • What a terrific point! I didn’t even think of the double meaning of Kairos, generally I think Kairos as in the weather, but you’re right I need to focus more like a Sophist on the Kairos or the supreme moment.


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