A Little Broken

This abrupt shift has rustled me more so than the others—so consuming and momentous this displacement intertwined with a sense of duty has left me groggy.refreshing-mist-37 refreshing-mist-6 refreshing-mist-12refreshing-mist-48This lofty pursuit to find the nest that will end all moves has left me fickle like a cat needing a staff to maintain my daily routine, perhaps even a little broken. Yet, blundering through my days isn’t doing me any good, staff or no staff it’s time to thrum to a different beat. How different our life changing move feels to my three little bears. Yes, their interim habitat isn’t ideal however, they find delight and joy in the tiniest of things. They are unencumbered with creativity and couragerefreshing-mist-14refreshing-mist-42refreshing-mist-18refreshing-mist-16refreshing-mist-23refreshing-mist-17(Travel-weary baby bear was racing full-tilt minutes before I could snap these and then suddenly she began to totter like a broken toy.refreshing-mist-28refreshing-mist-26refreshing-mist-30refreshing-mist-34Don’t worry, her long and overdue nap wound her back up to her spirited self again.) Their bravery of attending a new school and throwing their minds, hearts and bodies into it 100% never complaining of the dense damp air we are not used to breathing and welcoming every drop that falls from the heavens offering themselves to their new world…and so here I go on my way to be more like them all the pretty parts and broken bits offering it all to this new environment.refreshing-mist-53refreshing-mist-10 refreshing-mist-55 refreshing-mist-3refreshing-mist-22refreshing-mist-15 Thank goodness for ample water in this part of the world and for moments like these that fall into our laps as if the stars aligned at just the right time…twinkle, twinkle bright stars, twinkle as you watch over us and all humankind and lead us to a winding path with a cozy little nest at its foot.

10 thoughts on “A Little Broken

    • Ample is probably not the right word I chose, but definitely more than California conditions. I think many people preferred to stay indoors with air conditioning that day, so we were lucky to stumbled upon it without a crowd, although we would not have mind sharing this surprise with others.

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  1. i listened to a podcast last week with Martha Beck and this post reminded me of it, she said something along the lines of big changes in life force us to walk into the fire, burn up, and come out on the other side with a renewed, and maybe, stronger self. Hope this is the case and you find the fire to help you burn this difficult transition.

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    • Wow yes that would be some transformation…hope I am invincible enough to make it. Well my attitude must change and I will surrender for the sake of a stronger shelf. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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