Turning Leaves

Narratives are how we make sense of the world and cope with the experiences we encounter…I feel I have heard some doozies lately. I get it we don’t always see the world the same way as we may recall moments around the holiday dinner table. How can we think so differently from our nearest and dearest?port-farm-103tbf-85 tbf-31When chronicling a situation, we embellish to tell a story but sometimes we take it too far with outright lies; we go deeper and soon it’s too late there is no turning back. tbf-11tbf-20This is the state I feel we are stuck in currently, in a bevy of vain tales that have nothing to do with the responsibility of authoring our lives as a nation and beyond. We are mystified, frustrated and soon not only will we convince ourselves but we will encourage others that our recounting of the experience is how it went down. tbf-8tbf-38The more qualified candidates have mysteriously fallen off the charts and now that we let it go its own way we are doled with quite the storytellers. By the time most of the leaves will have fallen to the cold, wet ground, the results will be in but I’m nervous of how the story will unfold. 20161104_122454port-farm-69tbf-92port-farm-10port-farm-29port-farm-74I’m not so worried about the ranting and ravings of a little brat; it’s the consequences of the illusionary rantings and the dormant thinking it will awaken in many. Speaking of little stinkers look at the eponymous photo bomber in my quick clicks of my adventures on a pumpkin farm.port-farm-46port-farm-41port-farm-33port-farm-45He even performed his tiny hiney dance but I did not grant him the honors of documenting his prowess. If I did then he might be on his way to the White House when he is of age.

There is more yet unwritten in this bewitching pursuit to rule the Free World…will it bear any weight on the populace? All the colors of the turning leaves will decompose as one monotonous blend and nourish our land; let’s hope a beautiful story will be told after all.20161104_122626tbf-13

These waning autumn days have me craving something sweet and steaming.port-farm-2 tbf-41tbf-43 tbf-42tbf-52I made pumpkin seed milk for the first time and was quite surprised with the results.

tbf-28Pumpkin Seed Milk
Soak pumpkin seeds overnight in water
Drain the water and add fresh water to soaked seeds in blender immersing all the seeds
Soak dates just enough to plump them up and add to blender, I added seven
Shave some nutmeg and blend
Pour into a nut milk bag and squeeze out the liquid, save the pulp to mix in a smoothie or in cake batter
I preferred the milk steamed as opposed to room temperature

Enjoy while watching leaves whimsically swishing side to side and if in the mood swirl in a little brandy.

13 thoughts on “Turning Leaves

    • It was more of a necessity, running low on milk and the seeds weren’t salted so they were not being eaten by the little bears. Before they went rancid I made the milk and added dates so that they would actually drink it and the other seeds were made into a brittle.


  1. I’ve never made pumpkin seed milk, but it sounds delicious! Your narrative expresses just how i feel 😦
    Beautiful pics of the pumpkin patch…glad you are having some fun.

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    • It was made with dates, honestly I don’t know how pumpkin seed milk would be without it. I can drink cashew milk with some cardamom and cinnamon too, cashews are a bit pricey these days though so I gave the pumpkin seeds a shot. Thank you for your complimentary words, yes there are some great farms around here and even in the chilled air and rainy skies we made it.

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    • I wish we were neighbors too in sunny California! Your nostalgia may wear out before the start of winter with the chill and without the ocean to dream. The little bears still don’t have proper winter coats!


      • One year I had thoughts of moving back to OH. Then winter struck here and I was cold. How I would manage out there, I have no idea. I hope your little guys enjoy the changing seasons. If you get snow, I’m sure they’ll love it!!!

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      • Yes I’m sure you miss family that was the only negative it’s three times zones away from most of ours so they will have to keep us warm and maybe we could hit the slopes more often.

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  2. I’ve never thought of pumpkin seed milk, Cristina. What a delicious idea! I’ve been off the computer for several days now. My head just hurts from overthinking and my heart is grieving for all that has transpired. I think that keeping our little ones close and safe within happy nests is going to be all the more important to each of us within the winds of change and uncertainty. I am still a little lost for words, but it’s so good to see the beautiful faces of your children. They are so beautiful and precious. ox

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    • Yes Debra it’s been a bewildering road indeed. All I can say is that we will continue to raise our little bears with the same qualities as we have been. I am worried that the temperament of the president elect may encourage people to do some pretty hateful acts not just in our nation but beyond. Thank you for stopping by with your support, it is indeed reassuring.


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