The Home Within Us

With the spirit of giving still lingering in the air and a year-to-date in this nest, I still awake to catch my breath every morning in praise of our abiding nest—last year’s Christmas present and even more cherishable each day.With plans sketched in our heads and images pinned for Red that one day, some day may be fulfilled, I’m still enamored and grateful for her warm embrace for without her there would be sun and storm that would blister and entomb us. For the moment in the middle of this winter malaise, we will rest, digest and contemplate.

Yes, it’s time for integration and digestion in our personal world and on a global scale and I am starting with a closet…half of a closet…Papa Bear’s side. Sharing a closet with someone who does not contend with the same sensitivities as you, who is not afflicted one bit by the inexplicable foray of articles of clothing strewn every which way skirts on the side of an unrequited love story. After an entire year of walking into entangling filaments, I had enough. Now that everything else had its place (for now), it was time to tackle the other half of the closet. Just as Red cast her spell on me it was disturbed with just a few steps from my bed shortly after waking and before I dressed. Discussions of magazine worthy designs for the closet were tucked into dreams, however, there was no way, not one more day I was going to stand for being a subdued victim to the prominent spinneret of that side of the closet. The days of encroachment were over. I dove into piles, separated, folded, placed clothing thoughtfully on hangers or shelves. The hook on the back of the door, I can see it once more and the layers of clothing barely clinging on are all in their places now by color and function. Those images of closets I once coveted, are no longer brimming in my thoughts waiting for then, in that some-day dream. The closet was the first thing we investigated, the first deficiency we saw in our nest and thought we needed to take on. Why it wasn’t the closet that was delinquent for it is the right amount of space, it was the contents and lack of upkeep within that space that we almost so wryly and unsentimentally accepted. Minds are cleared, outdated thoughts that were stuck in the past have shuffled off. It’s time to be present for the next minute is the future. Honor your time and make room for thoughts that focus on the life you want to live. That unreachable price tag for a custom closet well, we crossed that off from the deficiency list and tagged it onto the strength list without spending a penny. Sure there was a lot of time on my part, but I gained so much more—clarity and a higher vibration for attaining an even happier nest. Now my spell isn’t instantly broken with my very first steps of the morning. This home within us is our some-day home presently for with tiny adjustments we were able to see what we already have. And even with the fallen snow and fallen temperatures that we see from our large framed windows, from within the enclosed walls, we can adjust with a nifty device a more agreeable climate to create a snug home. When the darker and looming nights appear before we sit down to share a meal, many marvels of switches in every room, just click once for a little glimmer or twice for beams of light. Our nest has what we need.And so our introductory chat with Red, for the first year has transformed into a conversation, an exchange between one or two members of the family and the provider framed by wood, stone and glass. Together we can rustle up opportunities that create a happy and healthy nest and understand that giving comes from members and provider. Do you have a closet in question? Oblige yourself in a little editing. You will uncover a new you, a refreshed person with a clear mind, you may even uncover things you forgot you placed. I found a plethora of candy wrappers and a paucity of what they contained. I also found a bundle of mail post marked March 2017 and addressed to our former temporary place. Oh Papa Bear! One, a card addressed to my three little bears with a thoughtful Saint Patrick Day cheer and three orange mustachios. Needless to say the rest of the day, my three little bears adorned with orange mustachios in the middle of January filled our nest with laughter…thank you dearest Trish! Make something more out of your nest by taking note, it’s only the beginning, but a prudent one for a plan with foresight will ensure that your nest will have all the satisfactory spaces, all the right things and all the desirable feelings. Happy, healthy nesting my friends, what are you waiting for we are already half way through the first month of the beginning of a new year.

8 thoughts on “The Home Within Us

    • How exciting for you Trish. Wishing you an elevated power now with a refreshing coat of paint and some editing…happy tidying up. The little bears love the orange mustaches, thank you!


  1. Wow, one year already. I do love a good closet cleanse. It feels so freeing. Right now our nest is a mess as we’re moving bedrooms around to give Baby his own room. A lot has ended up in the living room to make space for the transition. And daughter’s room still has lots to clear out, though Baby has already moved in. Meanwhile, the poor hamster has been evicted from what once was his own room/the play room. I hope that as my daughter clears out her stuff, much of it will end up in the trash!

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    • Wow a lot of shuffling going around. The transiton is the hardest step, but it even though it may seem more chaotic, it does bring you closer to the finish line. Although sometimes, I wonder myself if there ever is a finish line…there’s always something to edit. May the cleanse lift a weight off your shoulders and bring your nest and family more harmony…happy nesting!

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  2. You always inspire, Cristina! You reference the chaos in our world and then point back to the safety and protection and warmth of the home! What a lovely picture that is. And I do understand how a clean and organized closet can set the vibrations high and cheerful! I am currently working with a storage unit that is filled with family “heirlooms” that need a new home. Lots of sentimentality in play making it more difficult, but it must be done. Love your photos of the children!

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    • Happy to hear that I inspire a person who inspires me! Yes, it feels good to have a place for things in the nest. Sometimes, even if it felt right in the past, things might need some passing off even if they are heirlooms. See if there’s a space for them with other family members’ nest, they may find a happy place somewhere else but that doesn’t mean it won’t still hold a place in your heart. Happy organizing Debra, hope things fall into place and you feel a little load off your shoulders. Happy vibrations to you!


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