Sing With Me

In the twilight hours with no other sounds around, the sparkle of Christmas kindles in our hearts.I can’t help but wonder of some of the mystery that eludes us as time goes on. Remember the one from our childhood dreams entwined in thrilling visions of Santa’s helpers tinkering away so that the wishes on our list would magically arrive that sweet morning, white or not? Where we vowed to stay up all night to hear the whisper of the wind and witness that Jolly Ole Soul stream across with the ribbons of clouds under the pale, cold moon. Instead our eyes shut before the thinning of the dark.

And now as I watch the sun sink below the horizon, sing with me for we have lights. Turns out the outlet was functioning; it was my string lights right out of the box that were the problem. All this time that elapsed with hopes of illumination in the green house, appeared in a flash for that magical time of year. For what is Christmas without the sparkle or without some winding down intervals to enjoy. What about you, any last-minute lifesavers that you pulled off for that just needed twinkle of the season?Sing with me my friends for time is steadfast, devoted and harmonious—it waits for no one. Enjoy the moments…past, present and what’s to come. Wishing you a merry everything!

19 thoughts on “Sing With Me

  1. happy holidays to you as well! I love your bright and green christmas although I was pleased to have a cold and white christmas here in Colorado, snow brings an instant sparkle to the season. Enjoy the rest of 2017 and may you and your loved ones have a beautiful 2018!

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  2. Your greenhouse is just gorgeous! I love that you give us a glimpse of your nest and I always scrutinize the photos, because I LOVE the way you decorate! I do my best to hold onto the magic of Christmas even though at times I feel so stretched throughout the holidays. But I can remember being a child and having that wonder and I will always (I hope) do my best to rekindle that for not just the children in the family, but for me as well! 🙂 And by the way, baby bear is growing into such a beauty, Cristina. 🙂 I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you and your sweet family.

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    • Thank you Debra! There was no planning in the greenhouse; we are grateful for what the previous inhabitants left behind and added what greenery we were able to lug with us…I do hope to research and do some companion planting and not just toss seeds around in there. I love that you capitalized love. I hope the spirit of Christmas lingers on in your nest and that you find LOVE in adorning your nest. Remember it’s using things already at your disposal and having fun with the arrangements. Blessings to you and your family…keep up with your courage to be resilient.


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