Spaces Between

Sometimes when nothing is happening, something gallantly surfaces, or resurfaces if we were paying attention a few seasons ago. These first few days of October glow with gold. Full of wealth again from this evocative wash of prized sunlight across a window that was once opened. Lightly, trustingly, the gilded leaves fall from tall, gnarled trees around the grounds of our nest.Late afternoons inside the kitchen, I don’t mind the solitary twirls of a wandering leaf to keep me company as I wait for voices to bounce down the hallway.Out here in the forest, the climbing and wonder dwindle from our thoughts. Tiptoe, creep up the path tangled with thorns of September past, a depth and moodiness washing through the glass. Frogs croak no more, crickets’ songs once everywhere, now unheard. Weeds once yanked from the soil, now left untouched with thoughts that the approaching sky will leave it shriveled and eventually concealed with a mat of leaves. But further along underneath another shrouding path, a choir of mushrooms rejoice. Something sets off deep into the woods and just like that a house becomes a home.And although, I haven’t arrived at the story I wanted to tell you, the spaces between have been taking up thoughts in my head. Hence, with no results to show with the house that is, step by step I will be au fait with my home and know that the process will bring wealth again to my nest. Things are whipped and worn, other corners not faring so well…their stories waiting to be told. And while the spaces between have a ways to go, they are preparing to rejoice one square foot by one square foot. In the meantime, I’m trying to gather all the chestnuts before tires crush them with their past fates into the compost. It’s a feat; they are prickly and those puffy cheeked shade tails are swift and wily. I’m determined to get crafty myself in the kitchen before the arboreal rodents hoard them all for themselves, but more importantly I’ll forge on like my forest friends to make certain we stay tucked and safe in our nest.

21 thoughts on “Spaces Between

    • Thank you my friend. So good to see you here, it means the world to me that you are enjoying my post enough to follow! Lots of kisses your way and enjoy the OC fall and Halloween fest in your hood.


  1. Everything from your endearing chestnut layout photos to your lyrical thoughts on the season is beautiful in this post. It brought me “home,” especially your phrase “a choir of mushrooms rejoice.” The “spaces between” have been in my thoughts as well and I’m looking forward to allowing them to marinate as autumn advances into winter. Stay cozy in your nest!

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    • How wonderful to read your kindest of words! Mushrooms seem to always rejoice despite the transient landscape that surrounds them. It’s a definitely a time to ponder and find courage. I do plan on staying cozy in the nest while I enjoy the wealth this season has to offer. Wishing you wealthy thoughts with your between spaces as well!

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  2. After reading this beautiful post I feel like I’m right there with you, Cristina, breathing in the fall air and capturing a little bit of Autumn magic before the deep cold settles in. I love hearing about your nest and all that you do to make it welcoming and warm for your dear family. Your wonder at the natural world and its gifts, every day and seasonal, is an inspiration to me, too. Peace and blessings from my nest to yours, dear Cristina.

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    • Thank you Debra, it’s always thrilling to hear that I can inspire especially from someone who breathes as lightly as you! I welcome your blessings and hope to show you more of my in-between spaces from my nest soon. I hope some cooler winds come your way soon.


    • Thank you, a bit of stillness in what feels like an upside down world! I hope you are getting along better with each day. Yes, watching football games in what feels like a tropical heaviness in the air is bizarre.


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